Testing of Ionizing Radiation

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To those legal and physical persons who are partners of EKOTEH we are providing the service of testing of ionizing radiation sources including:

  1. Diagnostic X-ray devices in medicine,
  2. Electric devices generating radiation and accelerators for radiotherapy,
  3. Nuclear medicine, laboratories and other units intended for work with unsealed radioactive sources,
  4. Sealed radioactive sources used for radiotherapy in medicine,
  5. X-ray devices for non-destructive testing, control of baggage and packages, devices for analytical and processing control,
  6. Sealed radioactive sources in non-destructive testing (defektoskopy), gauging devices and calibration,
  7. Consumer products – ionizing smoke detectors etc.

Testing and measurement methods are developed and designed by EKOTEH.


Opinions needed in the legal procedure

Following the tests and measurements according to prescribed rules we submit the opinion which customer need in the legal procedure for obtaining the license for practice or permit for use of ionizing radiation source.

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