Individual Monitoring

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Since 1995 EKOTEH is rendering service of individual monitoring to various customers who need this service for their exposed workers according to legal requirements using TLD type Panasonic UD-802 and UD-803 (Li2B4O7:Cu) and reader Panasonic UD-716 according to the method PO 5.4.1-01 accredited by Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA).

We currently issue and process 50.000 radiation dosimeters a year. These go to some 600 different employer sites in Croatia, covering over 4000 individuals in total. Our customers come from many sectors – medical, veterinary, dental, general industry and research – and range in size from a few monitored persons to a few hundreds.

In accordance with ISO 17025 accreditation requirements we regularly participate in inter-laboratory comparisons -EURADOS-2010.


For the service of individual monitoring to our customers we are using data from our own database system which is also reported to the Ministry of the interior.

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