Partners and Clients

EKOTEH acquired experience and business reputation rendering expert services and participating in projects in Croatia and abroad. Among the most important business partners and clients in Croatia are the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Health,
  • Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health Zagreb
  • Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Clinical Hospital Merkur Zagreb, Clinical Hospital Center Split, Clinical Hospital Osijek, Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, Clinical Hospital Center “Sisters of Mercy”, Children Hospital, General Hospital Pula, General Hospital Zadar, General Hospital Dubrovnik, General Hospital Ogulin, General Hospital Sisak, General Hospital Bjelovar, General Hospital Čakovec, General Hospital Zabok, General County Hospital Pakrac, General County Hospital Požega, General Hospital Sl.Brod, General County Hospital Vinkovci, General County Hospital Vukovar, General Hospital Našice
  • health care units in all counties
  • Policlinic Medikol, Policlinic Sunce, Policlinic Kalajžić, Policlinic Drinković, Policlinic Medico Rijeka, Croatia Health Insurance Policlinic – Ars Medica and
  • many other private ordinances and dentist labs using x-ray devices
  • industrial facilities:  CROSCO, TPK, Đuro Đaković, Kaštel Sućurac, Koromačno etc.

International references EKOTEH gained rendering services to international organizations (IAEA, EAN) and business partners abroad (IZOTOP Budapest, Berthold technologies GmbH etc.).

EKOTEH Dosimetry

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