Basic Company Data

Trade Court and other registers
Name and address: EKOTEH Dozimetry Radiation protection Co.
10000 Zagreb, Vladimira Ruždjaka 21
Director Davor Kožuh,
Business (NKD 2007): 7120-Technical testing and analyses
Ionizing radiation protection services
Non-ionizing radiation protection services
Reg. No. of the subject: 080121191
OIB: 44716804217
VAT ID: HR44716804217
Banks and account numbers: Raiffeisenbank d.d. Zagreb
Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Approval of Ministry of Health and Social Policy of Republic of Croatia Class: UP/I-542-04/20-04/02,
No: 534-03-3-2/2-20-03,
Issued 24.12.2020
Approval of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Croatia, Directorate of Civil Defence Class: UP/I-542-02/19-18/01,
No: 511-542-03-01/01-19-07 ,
Issued 30.04.2019

EKOTEH Dosimetry

Radiation Protection Co.
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Vladimira Ruždjaka 21
Tel./fax.: +385 (0)1 604 38 82